“Building Relationships”



To be the premier boutique litigation firm for Business, Government and Individual clients with complex legal and business problems that require an innovative and result oriented solution.


To serve our clients in stable, long-term relationships, in which we help our clients achieve their objectives by exceeding expectations, delivering excellence and exercising Christian principles.


In order to pursue our vision and mission, we value:
  • maintaining a high level of productivity
  • projecting a high level of concern about client matters
  • making client attention, responsiveness and service our first priorities
  • fostering cooperation, collegiality and mutual support among our attorneys
  • utilizing technology
  • generating a commitment to creativity and experimentation
  • attending to developments in our profession and our clients' industries
  • planning for the future and by encouraging a devotion to effective problem-solving


From its inception, our firm’s philosophy has been:
  • To keep J&F an independent, small-sized firm at which experienced and intelligent lawyers with recognized practice area expertise in matters important to our major industries work cooperatively in interdisciplinary teams to provide effective legal representation to clients with complex legal and business problems.
  • To enhance our value to our clients by building on our existing practice departments and client-base, by increasing the depth and breadth of our areas of expertise, by expanding the types of work we do and by recruiting attorneys who will recognize the value of affiliation with J&F to the development of their practices.
  • To provide an environment in which our select group of younger lawyers can obtain broad experience, develop expertise in their chosen area of practice and receive support and encouragement for their professional development.
  • To manage our own business in a professional and profitable manner that enhances our ability to practice law and to recruit, train and retain dedicated, competent and creative legal and non-legal personnel whose diversity is reflective of the culture in which we live and who are committed to supporting the law practices of the firm and who feel appreciated and rewarded for their efforts.
  • To project our skills and abilities and our pride in the firm to the legal profession, to our clients and to prospective clients by writing, speaking, recognition in the press, professional activities, community involvement and frequent meetings with existing and potential clients to determine their needs and our success in servicing them.